lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Communication Matlab and Arduino (9600 Bps) Xbee Modules

Hi Guys, in this post i talk about the problems in the connection between Matlab and Arduino for to control any device or sensor or whatever.

step one, if you have problems with 115200 bps or you think that you dont need that data transfer rate it is a great help for u. Giampiere Campa make a awesome library for communication Matlab-Arduino and that library is Adiosrv.pde for arduino and arduino.m and install_arudino.m.

so, you need to program again your devices with 9600 bps, example for arduino

File Arduino Modified.

step two, open Matlab ide and move this files to C:\Users\pc\Documents\MATLAB
install_arduino.m and arduino.m 

i have modified this files so no problem data transfer rate, please dont try modified it.

step three, clic on install_arduino.m and then run

please check that, in your command window :D

step four, clic on arduino.m 

if all right, your communication is ok, else sure it is a cause of the arduino programation i want to say, adiosrv.pde because if u have for example programed your arduino to 115200 and as i modified the library sure no conection. SO PLEASE CHECK that ALL DEVICES ARE IN 9600 BPS :)

step 6. now u can make anything my bro :)